Information about B92

B92 governing bodies

Shareholders Assembly

Assembly consists of all holders of ordinary shares on the basis of which they have the right to vote. The right to participate in the Assembly goes only to those shareholders who have or represent at least 550 (five hundred fifty) shares on the basis of which they get to vote. Shareholders who do not have at least 550 shares, may associate their shares and determine a representative who will represent them in the Assembly.

Exclusive powers of the Assembly are: the adoption of the constitutive act and the Statute and the adoption of amendments to them, determining the core business of the Company, approval of annual financial reports, determining the annual profit and how it will be used, including the decision on distribution of dividends, making decisions about increasing or reducing capital and decision on the annulment of the division of shares, etc.

Board of Directors

Mr Veran Matic, President of the Board of Directors of B92

B92's Editor-in-Chief and General Manager. Mr. Matic has been engaged in journalism since 1984 with alternative and youth media in Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana. He began his career with NTV Studio B and in May 1989 he established Radio B92, the first independent radio station in Serbia. Under his guidance, during the past 20 years, Radio B92 has set up and developed its numerous activities with focus on three media - radio, television and internet. Mr. Matic is also a co-founder of the Association of Independent Electronic Media (ANEM). He is one of the most uncompromising fighters for media freedom and freedom of expression, leading him to receive numerous prestigious international awards for his work over the last 20 years.

(more about Veran Matic here)

Jacob Grapengiesser, Board Member

Member of the portfolio management team, joined East Capital in 2002. He was an analyst with Brunswick Emerging Markets for three years before joining East Capital. Prior to that, he worked at Khanty Mansiysk Oil Corporation (KMOC) in Moscow. He has studied at the Stockholm School of Economics, the Royal Institute of Technology and Cornell University, USA. Jacob is fluent in Swedish, Russian and English.

Stefanos Papadopoulos, Board Member

Georgios Xanthopoulos, Board Member

Tim Umberger, Board Member

Nebojša Samardžić, Board Member

Lawyer, member of the Belgrade Bar since 1987, when he started his practice. Since 1996, actively engaged in the field of protection of independent media.