Information about B92


B92ís goal is to provide relevant high-quality programming in order to inform and entertain viewers, and assist them in gaining a better understanding of the world around them.

B92 is keen to preserve the regional and international reputation it enjoys as a professional media outlet, maintaining its status as an organization its employees can be proud of.

Pursuing the values it has espoused since its founding, B92 continues to nurture independence, innovation and flair, and to support social development.

As a commercial organization, B92 plans to establish itself as a sustainable company, capable of developing under its own steam in a highly competitive market whose lack of regulation provides additional challenges.


Our vision is to be a flexible organization, able to adapt rapidly to changes in our environment and to be in a responsible dialogue with the community in which and for which we operate.


Independence, impartiality and objectivity are the backbone of B92;

Our audience is our primary focus in the provision of high-quality and credible current affairs broadcasts, as well as entertainment and educational programs;

We support social responsibility and education;

We advocate creativity, universal respect and cultural diversity;

As a national outlet with a public service component, B92 wants to achieve its programming goals by enhancing the impact and communication factor of its programs.