1. Titanium, not steel

    This is the siege of Leningrad ver. 2.
    Except that this enemy is more insidious.

    And unfortunately who does panic, will be among the first who will be on the chopping block.

    Herere everyone is demanded to stay home. There is a web site:


    If you want to leave your home, you download the pdf file, fill it out, sign and present to the police or to the army - who guard the streets. 135 Euro penalty otherwise.

    Even that pdf is discouraged. If someone is alone, they can call the police / gendarmerie or army and provide them with the money and the shopping list.

    Do not call the emergency unless you feel the situation worsening.
    My experience: it is normal, if the situation worsens in the evening slightly.

    Do all things you like at home, as much as your condition allows. Who has no symptoms is more lucky, having these symptoms is normal these days.

    The vice-Ambassador of U.K. Embassy in Budapest passed away yesterday. He was only 37 year old and no information that he wouldn't be perfectly healthy before COVID-19.

    All kind of fancy passports or diplomatic status may help tiny bit (see above) but not really. I am sure, the 37 year old British diplomat got the very best treatment.

    In 1980-s the daughter of Vietnamese Army commander (Le Duan) passed away in Moscow, in clinic of Kremlin due pregnancy complication. Her husband was a known Russian mathematician. So sh*t happens. But pregnancy is encouraged!
    (Ataman, 26 March 2020 20:19)

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