1. With Regards to Climate Change; then it is Deforestation that Causes it, because of Over Farming and Deliberately Irresponsible “management” of Forests to Assist Arsonists, and to Greatly Hinder Fire Fighters; with California as a Perfect Example of this.

    They also have their Highly Secret Weather Weapons in Space, and this is the Real Purpose of Area 51 in Nevada, and that the Oceans Absorb All the Carbon Dioxide Can ever Produce, and is Used for Marine Creatures, which are Carbon Based Lifeforms, and where the Sahara Desert was once a Tropical Rainforest, but became a Desert, because of Over Farming, and its Climate Did Change, from a Tropical Rainforest Climate to a Desert Climate, which is VERY HOT During the DAY and FREEZING during the NIGHT, and this HEATS the Top Soil during the Day, and FREEZES the Top Soil during Night, which CAUSES Many Earthquakes.
    (Yet Another J S, 24 October 2021 05:32)

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