1. There is nothing more laughable than an empty threat of war and Bekrija has shown his prize buffoonery by opening his big mouth with just that.
    I ask who is going to fight for Bekrija and his party? No one is my guess since this man and his cronies have stolen everything that is not nailed down. There is a ludicrous idea being passed around that the Muslim refugees kept in the Federation will be the foot soldiers until it was said these people fled their country to avoid war and if dumb, dumb Bekrija thinks they will lay down their lives for him then he is dreaming.
    Now I’m not saying that there is no corruption in RS in fact far from it, but you see RS gets a smaller budget than the Federation and yet the Federation has done very little despite that extra cash. It’s also fact the RS has done much more with its allocations and its visible.
    This is the breaking point. Either reform takes place in BiH or RS takes everything back to ground zero. If reform takes place, then the west and Bekrija loses big, big time.
    Will the US of Piss and Wind do anything? There is very little they can do except blow out more hot air about sanctions and we all know what Dodik said to the American special envoy and their sanctions. What is it with these Americans and their special envoy or special agent?
    Now we have Palmer on the scene although “not taking sides” but seeking a settlement. Yep, Palmer is the good cop and Pablo is the bad cop ha, ha, ha. Rank amateurs more like it.
    (sj, 30 October 2021 16:00)

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