"Kurti's ultimate goal is..."

BELGRADE -- The ultimate goal of the prime minister of the temporary institutions of Pristina, Albin Kurti, is for Kosovo and Metohija to be totally separated from Serbia.

Source: B92
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  1. "The problem for Serbia is that it is in a maneuvering space that is very difficult to function. I think that President Vučić said that the Serbs must not enter into an open conflict with KFOR, because these are the forces that should guarantee security for Serbs," Panović pointed out ???

    Who will guarantee security for Serbian people, will it be satan usa, england, nazi germany, vatican and nazi roman catholic empire ? Whi is kfor, is it not a branch of nato ( nazi alliance terrorist organization ) ? The worse thing about all this is vucic bull shitting and giving false hope to the poor Serbian people left in kosova, albanian siptars now own Kosovo and the only reality is that kosova and albania will unite as one and that is what the goal of satan usa and nazi roman catholic empire. srbija can not do any thing to stop the annexation of kosova with albania because satan usa has a lot of U-235 poison bombs at the ready !!!
    (Dragoljub Djurkovic, 30 May 2023 15:36)

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