Police and gendarmerie members in the village near Oresac - search is underway VIDEO

According to the latest information, the suspect Ninoslav Jovanovic is hiding in the village near Oresac, TV Prva reports

Source: prva
Screenshot: Prva TV
Screenshot: Prva TV

Members of the police and gendarmerie units are intensively searching the grounds.

According to unofficial information, the abducted girl is alive and is currently with the suspect, TV Prva has learned.

Earlier today, police and a gendarmerie surrounded the village of Oresac on suspicion that the suspect was hiding there.

The reporter, who is located near Oresac, reports that they moved to a neighbouring village following the latest findings.

Ninoslav Jovanovic is suspected of abducting the girl Monika Karimanovic.

The media has been speculating for days that the Barber of Malca disappeared around the same time as Monika Karimanovic from Brzi Brod near Nis. She left for school on Friday early in the morning and since then, her family lost track of her.


Monika was found here PHOTO / VIDEO

Girl Monika Karimanovic was found in an abandoned cottage with no visible injuries. According to B92, it is a house where, as the locals say, no one lives

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False information about wounding a barber of Malca

After gunfire in the hills above Knjazevac, some media reported that the incident was related to the search for barber of Malca and abducted Monika Karimanovic

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