False information about wounding a barber of Malca

After gunfire in the hills above Knjazevac, some media reported that the incident was related to the search for barber of Malca and abducted Monika Karimanovic

Source: B92
Foto: MUP
Foto: MUP

The news, it turns out, is incorrect. According to the latest information, it is true that there was a shooting, but as a separate incident.

"According to unofficial information, there were just four shots fired in the hills above Knjazevac and it is assumed that the fugitive was hit by snipers who located him with the help of locals and hunters," the Knjazevac info page stated.

However, it has been unofficially confirmed to the media that neither Ninoslav Jovanovic, better known as the barber of Malca, was wounded in the shooting, nor was the shooting in any way connected to the search for him and the abducted girl.


Monika was found here PHOTO / VIDEO

Girl Monika Karimanovic was found in an abandoned cottage with no visible injuries. According to B92, it is a house where, as the locals say, no one lives

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