"Russian intelligence agent is outside Serbia"

Russian intelligence officer Georgy Kleban is now out of Serbia, said last night Relja Zeljski, Chief of Analytics at Security Intelligence Agency (BIA)

Source: RTS
Ilustracija: Getty images/Jeff J Mitchell
Ilustracija: Getty images/Jeff J Mitchell

Zeljski confirmed to RTS that local security services know the identity of a person called a "high-ranking official with an officer's rank", as well as the subject of the trade, but did not want to talk about it, as it encroaches on "sensitive territory of operational collection of information and data analysis".

Security Intelligence Agency (BIA) confirmed the authenticity of a video earlier. Zeljski said the scenes seen in the video are "common in intelligence circles" and that domestic intelligence services are putting all the puzzle pieces together regarding this video.

"This is a very realistic situation and you would be amazed how often it happens on the streets of Belgrade and other cities in the world", Zeljski said, adding that scenes of hugging of the two agents from the video were "neither unexpected nor spectacular in nature."

BIA Chief of Analytics said that Serbian agencies, both civilian and military, are working on all circumstances in this case, adding that Serbian President will give further details about the issue after the National Security Council's session due on Thursday.

"We know quite a lot about this case, and not only about it", Zeljski said.

"The Russian intelligence agent acts naturally in this video, and is currently out of the territory of Serbia. Such relationships can look like this, and intelligence agents can be very imaginative. This is one in a series of ways in which members of the intelligence structures and their agency posts work, so to speak", he noted.

Zeljski added it was "crucial to say that the subversive intelligence operations in Serbia which are going on shouldn't be linked exclusively to the Russian Federation", as it is false conclusion, neither is this "an isolated case".

"On the contrary, athough it sounds like a conspiracy theory,other great powers, like the US, Great Britain and France, but also the regional players, to mention only Croatia and Albania, are very active in achieving their interests in Serbia, which is expected in international relations and politics. Serbia is in a very specific situation, under difficult circumstances, while our state leadership, headed by President Vucic, faces with great pressures to give up certain strategic directions and courses that it has taken", Zeljski told RTS.


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