Vucic: Curfew from Friday at 6 pm in Belgrade, possibly in the whole of Serbia VIDEO

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, is addressing the public regarding the situation with the coronavirus in Serbia and worldwide.

Source: B92, Tanjug

"Today is the hardest day since the beginning of the epidemic, we have 13 dead. At the moment, we have more than 120 people on respirators. The situation in Belgrade is alarming. It is serious in four other cities in Serbia, but Belgrade is in a critical situation," Vucic said.

As of tomorrow, gatherings of more than 5 people, both outdoors and indoors, are prohibited, and from Friday, curfew starts, ending on Monday morning.

More information will be available after the meeting of the Crisis Staff, President Vucic added.

When asked whether the curfew applies only to Belgrade or to the whole of Serbia, and when it starts, he answers:

"The measures will take effect on Friday, the crisis headquarters will take measures, it may not happen if the numbers significantly improve in the next two days. From Friday at 6 pm to Monday morning at 5 am, I personally would like it to be for the whole Serbia".

He points out that the situation in the region and the world is more difficult than before, but that it can be seen in our country because we do not hide the number of dead and infected.

"We have tested 455.604 people so far, Albania 26.239, BiH 102.715, Bulgaria 156.351, Croatia 85.997, Montenegro 20.596, S. Macedonia 68.059, Slovenia 109.596...".

Vucic points out that our hospitals are full, because Serbia tests the most, about 9.000 people a day, and the first after us - 1.400 a day.

Vucic said that it was impossible to deny those facts.

"We will have to fight for the health of our people with discipline," Vucic added.

His mistake, as he states, is that the army was not immediately engaged in Novi Pazar.

"The military has brought the necessary peace, and I am proud of the way the people treat the military."

Negotiations with Pristina: "It will not be easy"

A difficult summer and autumn await us when it comes to negotiations with Pristina.

"Nobody wants to offer or give anything, but to pressure us to lose," said President Aleksandar Vucic today.

"We need unity, to be strong and rational, to understand our position in the world well, but also to be strong enough," he says.

He states that he has an important conversation with Macron on Thursday, and will ask for the EU to play a more significant role.

"On Friday, we have a virtual summit that I will attend in Paris, including the presence of Angela Merkel. It will not be easy," he added.

The dialogue will continue on Sunday, and he has been announcing talks with the parties since the 15th of July on the occasion of forming the government.

"What is important information is that I will start accepting minority parties first on the issue of forming the government from July 15th. I expect the government to be formed by August 25, at the latest", he explains.

When asked whether there will be non-party figures in the Government, he states that he does not divide people into party and non-party.

"Will there be surprises - yes, definitely," he added.

On easing the restrictions: "If someone is to blame for that - it's me"

"Relaxing the measures was our decision, but your request," he says, adding that many mistakes were made, that we all thought it was over and believed that it would be easier over the summer.

"We are all individually to blame for that, I am ready to accept all responsibility. Especially since the army in Novi Pazar was not engaged on time, we did not ban entry to mosques and it cost us dearly. If someone is to blame for that - I am", he added.

"Responsibility is my middle name, I don't run away from it."


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