Vučić: "How can we send the police to participate in something that's illegal?" VIDEO

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, spoke about the roadblocks that were organized the previous two weekends.

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Instagram/ buducnoststrbijeav
Instagram/ buducnoststrbijeav

After touring Belgrade Waterfront, he answered a journalist's question whether he was allegedly negotiating a working group with Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin.

"I have no idea what this is about, I hear it for the first time, but I see that you are cheering for a colored revolution. I am not afraid of anything, especially that someone is judging my work badly, and history and people will judge me, not the streets, especially not when someone from outside manages political processes", stated Vučić and reminded that there will be elections in three months.

"We had demonstrations for a year because we turned the worst place into the most beautiful place in Belgrade, I deal with real life, citizens' problems and how to solve them with these environmental problems," he added after visiting the final works on the BW Terraces building on the facade of the Belgrade Tower.

The closure of highways cannot be in accordance with the law

Speaking about the protests over the weekend, he asked how he could send the police to do something that is illegal.

"They say we didn't send the police to make an incident. How do we send the police to take part in something that is illegal? Common, concentrate a little bit. You attacked us a week ago because the police were doing their job, now they haven't come out," President of Serbia said.

"The closure of highways cannot be in accordance with the law. It only shows what this has to do with anything. There is a significant number of people who care about the environment. We will have to address these people and talk to them," he added.

He said that the same people appear at different events, and "their coats are better because their salaries have increased."

Vučić points out that this is a fake left. He pointed out that there was a significant number of people.

"I think that in 2019, if I didn't make a mistake, we had 81.000 people protesting all over Serbia. At the level of the whole of Serbia, about 30.000, mostly in Belgrade. There were 4.000 around the Sava Center... That's a large number of people... Of course that I am worried about a large number of people because they cannot be just party officials, as they want to tell me, there are also people who are really worried... We have to address these people... To those who are there who believe that there is a problem... With these others, politicians, I am not interested in them", stated Vučić.

"We believe that we will come out with measures by tomorrow," Vucic explained.

He stated that by far the most people were in Novi Sad, in proportion to the number of inhabitants, the President of Serbia pointed out.

"Police will not show up"

Speaking about the protests on Saturday, he stated that the police will not show up.

"The police will not show up, they cannot protect someone who breaks the law... The police cannot take the highway. If you report a protest in front of the government, the police will protect the institutions. Stopping vehicles on the highway is not in accordance with the law," explained President of Serbia.

"I am not naive to think that the organizers of the rallies do not have one goal, and that is my head. I have no problem with that, just say that, and not that it is a law on expropriation or referendum. The goal is political," Vucic explained.

"They all perceive things through hatred towards me"

Vučić pointed out that there is no project that has not been attacked.

"There is no project that has not been attacked, not even the hospital. They also spoke against highways, that these are roads to Greater Albania... They see everything through hatred towards me, people do not know how to see their political role".

He also said that a brutal campaign had been waged for years against Belgrade Waterfront, a great project they had begun. "It's the same with the subway, they promised to finish it by 2013 and they never finished it, when we took it, now the metro is also a problem for them. Hospital God knows how many, and they hadn't built a single one," he added.

President of Serbia pointed out that "we have problems in several local self-governments" and stated that those self-governments must change their attitude and change in the future.

"I was quite angry about that," Vucic explained.

"We made a star out of von Cramon"

He commented on the statement of Viola von Cramon, who pointed out that the Serbian Orthodox Church does not exist. He also spoke about Kosovo and Metohija.

"We have made von Cramon a political star and she is not engaged in anything but facilitating Serbia...", stated Vučić.

He said that he did not receive information that the flags of the so-called KLA are being hoisted in Kosovska Mitrovica.

"I am sure that they won't attempt to take more serious actions against Serbs," Vucic said.

"Pristina is the one who does not want to talk to us at all," Vucic said.


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