Vučić is allowed to visit Jasenovac?

According to Croatian media, Vučić will be allowed to visit Jasenovac.

Source: B92

This information was confirmed to the Croatian newspaper by a government source, and as stated, the visit will be carried out under two conditions.

The first is that everything is agreed upon "very thoroughly" at the diplomatic level, and the second is that the visit should not take place before autumn.

"Croatia will allow President Aleksandar Vučić to visit Jasenovac, but that is an event that needs to be agreed upon through diplomatic channels, and very thoroughly. That was not the case, because Vučić only informed Milorad Pupovac that he wanted to leave Gradina in BiH, and go to Pakrac and Jasenovac, and that is not the way things get done. We have nothing against the visit, but, I repeat, it is necessary to agree on what it will look like, however, it will certainly not happen before autumn," confirmed a source close to the Croatian government in an interview with Jutarnji list.

A day after the information was spread that Vučić wanted to visit Jasenovac privately, but was prevented from doing so, Banski Dvori obviously intends to calm tensions, reports Jutarnji list.

Nevertheless, the Croatian newspaper still holds to the position, claiming that Vučić wanted to "cause chaos" by coming to the commemoration of the Oluja.

Let us remind you that yesterday the Croatian authorities banned Vučić to cross the Croatian border in order to visit Jasenovac privately.

On that occasion, Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selaković called two press conferences in one day - at the first, he read the Croatian note on the ban on entry into the country and the response of the Serbian authorities, announcing the reciprocal measures Serbia will take.

Vučić scheduled his public address for today at 6 p.m.


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