The Jovanjica case – after three years it’s clear what the truth is

The truth will always come out to light and a lie cannot defeat someone's good work, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said earlier today in Gruža.

Source: Tanjug

Vučić also spoke about the confessions of certain media that his brother Andrej had nothing to do with the owner of Jovanjica.

When asked if he expected an apology or something else after N1 journalist Jelena Zorić said that his brother Andrej had nothing to do with Jovanjica, and that it was only a spin that lasted for three years, Vučić said that everybody knew, but no one ever wanted to speak up.

"I am grateful to Mrs. Zorić for being fair in saying what everyone else says. Detective Slobodan Milenkovic said the same thing, but no one ever wanted to publish it. In his statement to the MUP and the BIA, he stated that Andrej had nothing to do with it. Everyone knew that, but no one ever wanted to speak up," he pointed out.

Vučić said that some media have been publishing thousands of pages against his family for three years, criminalizing it, although Andrej said from the beginning that he never had any contact with Jovanjica. "Not even a final verdict against the liar was enough for them."

"After three years, it's clear to everyone that it was a lie. And what will we do after three years?" Vučić asked. He asked what Andrej's children would do, and added that everyone should ask themselves what it would be like for them and their families to be exposed to the most monstrous lies.

"Now we have official statements from all participants that it was a lie from the beginning. Will anyone apologize?" Vučić said that all regional media claimed that the Vučić brothers were drug producers and criminals, and that was repeated countless times. "What can I do? Not to mention the impact on politics. What do you do after three years of suffering from all the horrible lies and fabrications? Still, the truth will always come out. Just as you can't ignore someone else's good work, neither can the efforts of these guys who hung the flag of Serbia on the dam at the end of the exercise, so you can't beat the equipment we didn't have before, but we have today. In the end, people can see for themselves," he pointed out.


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