Vučić: Jasenovac is not a myth

Belgrade – During his visit to the Belgrade Waterfront construction site, Vučić commented last incidents in Croatia.

Source: B92

"Some people here wrote that Vučić was guilty because someone's car with BG plates was destroyed. Why? Because he started a myth about Jasenovac. Jasenovac is not a myth..." Vučić commented. The most important thing now is to talk about the summer holidays instead of talking about those killed, and that number will always be hidden, the Serbian president said.

When asked to comment on the attacks by certain opposition politicians and analysts that his harsh rhetoric regarding Jasenovac led to animosity towards Serbs in Croatia and damage to Serbian cars, he replied that it was nonsense.

"The most terrible and senseless attack is that some people from here wrote after a car with Belgrade license plates was destroyed on Brač, that Vučić was to blame for it because he once again started the myth about Jasenovac. Jasenovac is not a myth, but a terrible truth," he pointed out.

He compared that logic to the reaction to, as he says, the statement that it is necessary to advocate for the protection of women in society and that they should not be the subject of domestic violence. If some husband attacks his wife, so it is automatically to blame Vučić for bringing up the subject.

"That's the kind of logic we are talking about. Vučić talked about what the Croats did to the Serbs during the Second World War. So, that was always the reason in the past to keep silent about Serbian victims. Therefore, it's better to have a good time somewhere at the seaside than to talk about those who were killed, and someone from Belgrade will always be to blame if the time at the seaside is spoiled. That also says a lot about those people," he pointed out.

He also said that the anniversary of the "Oluja" military action would be celebrated on August 4 in Novi Sad. "Until now, we have chosen smaller places, in the places where people from Krajina are settled and where they came the most," he pointed out.

On Picula’s statement

Asked to comment on the statement of Tonin Picula, rapporteur for Montenegro in the European Parliament, who said that Vučić directed all resources to Montenegro, the Serbian president asked instead "what does a Croat have to do with Montenegro"?

"It's such nonsense, I'm speechless, but that’s exactly like him. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does, that’s usually nonsense. Well, imagine if we really use all the resources... Of course, it's a lie," Vučić concluded.


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