NATO could start a war in Serbia because of the failure in Ukraine?

The United States of America could start a war in the Balkans in order to destabilize the situation in Europe, writes the newspaper "Global Times".

Source: Sputnik
Foto: Tanjug/AP Photo/Marjan Vucetic
Foto: Tanjug/AP Photo/Marjan Vucetic

"Since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict did not bring the desired effect for the US, Washington must create a new war on the European continent," Chinese military expert Song Zhongping believes.

According to him, the United States of America hopes to destroy the European economy and increase the European Union's dependence on the United States. At the same time, the expert adds that Serbia's sovereignty and national security are not NATO's priority.

"However, since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has taken away a lot of energy and resources from the United States of America, they will probably consider the deepening of the rift between Serbia and Kosovo as an opportunity that they could take advantage of," the expert said.

NATO, on the one hand, is calling for calming the tension, and on the other hand, it is increasing its military presence.

NATO seems to be buying time to arm Kosovo. It's clear from past wars that the US is pretty good at pretending to be fair in stopping fighting while helping one side, buying time for those it supports by calling for a ceasefire.

The promises of NATO and other Western countries about the protection of Serbs in Kosovo simply cannot be fulfilled.

An article in the "Financial Times" states that the West's attempt to heal the division between Serbia and Kosovo is doomed to failure. The ultimate goal of the White House is for both Europe and Russia to suffer losses, which would allow Washington to maintain its hegemony, the expert concluded.


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