"Serbia must not stop" in the crowded Arena: This is the politics of the future VIDEO

The pre-election meeting of the list "Aleksandar Vučić - Serbia must not stop" is being held in the Arena in Belgrade.

Source: B92

In the crowded Arena, the meeting began with the performance of the song "This is Serbia".

Tatjana Macura said that it is possible to solve problems by talking. "I supported the list because with effective dialogue they showed that it is possible to solve pressing problems in a short period of time," she said. As she believed, for this list, every person is important, and it is made up of people who know how to set priorities in difficult times.

Nikolić: "Don't gamble, there's no way to fix the damage"

The founder of SNS, Tomislav Nikolić, also addressed the packed Arena.

"Difficult days are ahead of Serbia, the decision-makers are looking for determined people. It's time for everyone to say who they trust. I am with you and I wish you victory in these elections. Serbia must continue as before, Serbia must not stop, anything other than the victory of the SNS is gambling with the fate of Serbia," said Nikolić.

"You have not deviated from any of the ideas that guided me in politics," he said.

"I came to praise you for the success you achieved under the guidance of Aleksandar Vučić, whom I love as if he were the child of my own. Just keep listening to him, don't doubt his moves, he knows more than others. Be one family," he said.

"Everyone else agrees that they want to come to power, but they can't. Everyone else would like the Progressives to write off Kosovo and Metohija, so that someday, if they win, they wouldn't have to suffer," said Nikolić and added that no one from Serbia should fight outside of Serbia for nobody's interests.

"Elections are not going to the betting shop - if your ticket doesn't pass, you'll play again. Don't play, there's no way to fix it," notes Nikolić.

"We raised Serbia from its knees, from the mud they threw us into," concluded Nikolić.

Prof. Dr. Svetlana Vujović said that health institutions have never been renovated and built in Serbia as during the reign of Serbian Progressive Party.

"Thanks to President Vučić, a center was established where we examine the causes of infertility," she said.

The first among the speakers was Miloš Vučević.

He said that the list "Aleksandar Vučić - Serbia must not stop" is the most powerful engine of Serbia's development.

"We appear before the citizens with a clean face, we are fighting for Serbia to be economically developed," Vučević said.

"We are not renouncing anything from what has determined us both in the present and in the future. We are fighting for our people in Kosovo and Metohija. We guarantee you that we will give the last atom of our strength to make it all happen," he added.

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, arrived a little after 5:00 p.m., and the crowd greeted him with thunderous applause.

After Vučić's arrival, the hymn "God's Justice" was performed.

At the beginning, a video was played in which Predrag Gaga Antonijević sent a message of support for Aleksandar Vučić's policy.


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