Radulović is furious: We have been under brutal attacks from Djilas' list for days

Saša Radulović strongly responded to Marinika Tepić's accusations, writes "Alo.rs".

Source: Alo.rs
Foto: Milos Tesic/ATAImages
Foto: Milos Tesic/ATAImages

To Marinika Tepić's accusation that a member of the election commission found one forged signature for the list of Saša Radulović and Boris Tadić, Radulović responded.

"Well, you had a problem with 200 signatures in Novi Pazar! We have always supported the opposition electoral lists, and on the other side there was a brutal attack by that Djilas coalition that attacked us for days! It's like they are checking us and here they have a problem with 200 signatures in Novi Pazar! It seems that our list bothers you," said Radulović.


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