Hahn warns EU member states

Hahn warns EU member states that negative decision on the date of accession negotiations for Northern Macedonia and Albania affects opportunities in the region

Source: Kosovo online

Namely, according to the Pristina based Gazeta Blic daily, the European Commissioner for Enlargement Negotiations believes that this would most affect the relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

"If all the efforts North Macedonia made aren’t awarded, there won’t be an incentive for Serbia and Kosovo to start an essential dialogue about common life in the future, given that their only perspective is EU path”, Hahn stated after the meeting with the Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev in Vienna.

Zoran Zaev, North Macedonia’s Prime Minister, warned the EU leaders that his Government would be ‘dead’ if they did not set a date for the beginning of the accession talks with Skopje, meaning that it would be a negative message when it comes to the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

Although most European countries agreed that Northern Macedonia and Albania would open accession negotiations with the EU, this did not happen, as France advocated reforming the enlargement process and revising the complete process methodology. It will also be on the agenda of the European Leaders Summit on Thursday or Friday in Brussels, as Kosovo online reports.


"Take care, Europe"

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