IzetbegoviŠ threatens war: "If people want to live, they must be ready to die"

Republika Srpska officials reacted sharply after SDA President Bakir Izetbegovic's statement.

Source: B92, RTRS

"If people want to live, they must be ready to die, if they want peace, they must be ready for war. It would inevitably go first to Brcko, on the entity lines, and where the returnees are, because they would probably experience inconveniences, so we would have to protect them and the state, Brcko", said IzetbegoviŠ.

This is how IzetbegoviŠ spoke during his guest appearance in the federal media about the possibility of the outbreak of war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and thus disturbed the public again. Although he is of the opinion that there will be no conflict, he says that one should be ready for something like that.

President of the Republika Srpska, Zeljka Cvijanovic, believes that Izetbegovic wants to mobilize the international factor with bombastic statements.

As she said, Srpska is not interested in IzetbegoviŠ's ideological plans, but only in the Constitution and what belongs to it according to the Constitution, Radio Television of Republika Srpska reports.

"These are also sick ideological statements that show that there is a war in IzetbegoviŠ's head, but also in other such heads, and that they would be able to fight to finally reach the concept of unitarization and domination, which was prevented by the Dayton Agreement. Frightening the international public with a Greater Serbia is a cheap trick not to talk about creating a Muslim state wrapped in the concept of a supposedly functional Bosnia-Herzegovina, in which multiethnicity would be reduced to a mere dÚcor for showing to the outside world", she said.


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