Total chaos in Slovenia; If this reaches us... VIDEO

Due to a strong storm during the night in Ljubljana, Kranj and Zasavje, water flooded buildings and roads.

Source: Tanjug
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ dleindecdp
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ dleindecdp

On the Zidani Most-Ljubljana route, a train derailed and ran into a landslide, while another avalanche of stones partially buried the bus, reports RTV Slovenia.

A stone avalanche partially buried and damaged a bus at the construction site of the Zagorje on Sava-Litija road, and two passengers were slightly injured.

Slovenian Railways announced that at 21:35 on Monday, a passenger train derailed on the track between Sava and Mošenik, which ran into a landslide shortly before the Sava railway station.

Due to the storm in Zasavje, the train with 20 passengers traveled at a reduced speed as a precaution, and there were no injuries, and the line between Zagorje and Kresnice will be closed until further notice, according to the announcement.

Slovenian Railways warns that there will be major delays in passenger trains, and freight traffic has also been suspended.

During the night in Slovenia, water flooded buildings, the wind caused trees' fall and carried roofs, and 16 firefighting units were activated to repair the consequences of the storm.

The Center for Protection and Rescue reported 39 incidents, most of which were in the Ljubljana area, where water flooded buildings, and the underpass on Celovska cesta was also flooded, where a vehicle got stuck.

In Litje, the storm destroyed part of the roof of the gymnasium. In the municipality of Zagorje on Sava, heavy rainfall flooded three residential houses, the wind toppled trees and carried away the roofs of some buildings, reports RTV Slovenia.

In Croatia too, meteorologists have announced a big storm that should affect most of the country, and the weather alarm has also been activated.


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