Another death in Serbia, a total of 3 in 24 hours; "Steel discipline required" VIDEO

Another person has died from coronavirus in Serbia, Dr Verica Jovanovic said at a press conference

Source: B92

The person was 48 years old and was staying at KBC Dragisa Misovic in Belgrade. In Serbia, three people died in one day, with a total of seven coronavirus victims.

"We expect that this week will be difficult, as well as next, there will be an increase in the number of infected, and there will be more deaths, we need to be aware of that", epidemiologist Branislav Tiodorovic said.

"We have to understand that if we do not adhere to what is prescribed, everyone in his workplace must use protective equipment and be aware that by not doing so, he is endangering himself and others," Tiodorovic emphasized.

He emphasized that all who come from abroad must, even if perfectly healthy, go to quarantine.

"I appeal to citizens and politicians, now let's leave things unrelated to the virus aside," epidemiologist Tiodorovic said, emphasizing that it was not a political statement but an appeal.

Dr Verica Jovanovic said that currently, there are 177 infected persons in Belgrade, 42 in Kolubara district and 40 in Nis.

She added that no secrets are kept about the cases, but that patience was needed to process all the data as it changes from hour to hour. Also, she again asked those over 65 not to leave their homes.

"I would like to thank all the colleagues who work in all health care services. This problem is not just a health problem, it is a worldwide problem. I would like to thank the ambulance service in particular because it responds quickly at all times," Jovanovic said.

Epidemiology services are on call for 24 hours.

Dr Jovanovic said there were plans to step up measures in places that were critical. "We are monitoring the situation, when a decision is made, you will be duly notified."

"Our health system has predicted where children with Covid-19 will be housed. In Belgrade, it is a pediatric unit of Dragisa Misovic Hospital," Dr Goran Stevanovic said.

He emphasized that the Belgrade Fair was not a collective accommodation but a temporary hospital for patients with a lighter clinical picture.

Dr Verica Jovanovic spoke about coming to medical facilities during the epidemic.

"Any gathering in queues and waiting for diagnoses due to statewide measures is not justified. But the diagnostics that are needed remain current. It is recommended that doctors call you on the phone beforehand to determine if coming to the facility is necessary."

She spoke specifically about the work of the dentists.

"All non-urgent interventions should be postponed for later. If something is urgent, such as inflammatory processes, pain management, of course it should be done, but with the use of health care", Dr Jovanovic said.

"The profession gives the first, not the last word. A thorough analysis is always made and then measures are proposed. There is an order of respect for decisions, and the one who represents the state conveys what the profession and the state have brought together," said epidemiologist Branislav Tiodorovic.

"We know what is happening in the world, we know what is happening in our country, we have forecasts and on this basis, measures are being taken. Currently, we don't need to make a qurantine of the whole city".

"When all this is over, it can be discussed whether we have done everything in the best way possible", he added.

Dr Verica Jovanovic emphasized that no one should use antibiotics on its own.

"I recommend that space disinfection be done much more often. Common rooms should be cleaned frequently. Regular therapy, if citizens have it, should be used as normal as possible. There is no need to take antibiotics on your own," Dr Jovanovic said.

"As far as the situation at Kosovo and Metohija is concerned, it is stable. I would not say numbers, they are all housed in hospital centers."

"There are currently 25 people on respirators in Serbia, but that number is constantly changing," the doctor added.

When it comes to the average age of the death cases, Dr Goran Stevanovic said that statistics cannot be discussed yet.

"These are still small numbers, we can't have age statistics, and for them to be valid. I hope we don't get figures that are valid for statistics. The fact is, most of them are younger, but they can all be associated with being abroad or in contact with someone", Stavanovic said.

"By a more thorough examination of all potentially infected people, we will be able to remove potential virus carriers," epidemiologist Branimir Tiodorovic said.

All the experts who spoke at the conference urged citizens to adhere to the prescribed rules in order to overcome the current situation.


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