Tiodorović: "Beginning of September"

Source: B92, prva
Printscreen: TV Prva
Printscreen: TV Prva

"Now we are under the impact of a more contagious delta strain. It is brought by people returning from Montenegro and Croatia. We have an increase in the number of those infected, but the numbers are still below the line that infringes stricter measures. There is no need to panic but we must be careful," he said. He also stated that the number of admissions in Covid hospitals is still low.

Tiodorović said that with a good vaccination of health and educational workers, we will ensure a regular start of the school year. He stated that young people do not follow the media, i.e., that they are more interested in social networks, and pointed out that young people can be motivated to get vaccinated by participating in music and sports events, as well as socializing and going out.

"No one can force young people to do something. The power of arguments is the most important. There are young people among those infected, which could send a message ... As for school, those who are vaccinated will be able to go to school normally," he said.

Pediatricians are convinced that children from the age of 12 and onwards will be vaccinated against Coronavirus, said doctor Tiodorović.

"Vaccination was going well, and then it just stopped. As soon as the number of infected begin declining, people started thinking that this is a natural decline and that the virus is not dangerous anymore," the epidemiologist pointed out.

He stated that, begin September, when people return from vacation and school begins, the number of infected will increase and cause an increase in the number of vaccinated against coronavirus.

"For those who are not traveling, now is the right time to get vaccinated, because they are the least likely to get infected. They will safely welcome September," Tiodorović added.


"3.000 infected this week"

The fight against the delta strain of coronavirus is extremely cruel, said the State Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr Mirsad Djerlek.

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