Introduction of COVID pass - Ivanuša: "Message of becoming an extremely big problem"

Head of the WHO Office in Serbia, Marijan Ivanuša, stated that the delta strain of coronavirus is so contagious that no one can hide from it.

Source: Tanjug
Foto: Printskrin TV Prva
Foto: Printskrin TV Prva

Ivanuša told RTS that the situation with the coronavirus in Serbia is difficult and added that the introduction of measures, i.e. COVID passes in Serbia, gives the message that COVID-19 is becoming an extremely big problem that can get worse.

"Serbia is among the top five countries in the European region with the highest number of patients. Last year we knew at least one infected person, now we know more than one person who died from COVID," Ivanusa said.

He said that there is still no data that the mutated delta plus strain spreads faster and that it causes a more severe disease than the ordinary delta strain, but he pointed out that the delta strain certainly spreads faster than the alpha strain.

"The unvaccinated will be vulnerable to the coronavirus during this winter," said Ivanuša, emphasizing that it will be difficult for anyone to hide from the virus, and that it can cause severe illness in many people. Ivanuša reiterated that there is no alternative to vaccination.

"Sooner or later, everyone will be in contact with the virus, some will get sick and it can be a severe form of the disease. The vaccine is our only solution, it is valid for both rich and poor countries," Ivanuša emphasized.

He pointed out that the vaccinated, if they accidentally become infected, spread the virus to a lesser extant, and pointed out that vaccination can reverse the course of the epidemic. Ivanuša believes that the effect of the introduction of COVID measures can be seen in a few weeks.

"No measure is 100 percent effective, so it is necessary to combine different measures and in addition to the measure of introducing COVID passes, I would urge people to avoid crowds, not to go to clubs, to keep their distance, wear masks and wash their hands, to stay at home, to isolate themselves if they had contact with the infected, to be in quarantine", said the director of the WHO office in Serbia.


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