Russia sent a clear message to the West

Russia has called on Western countries to stop encouraging the militarization of the situation in southeastern Ukraine.

Source: Sputnik

Russia calls on Western countries to stop encouraging the militarization of the situation in southeastern Ukraine, this was stated today by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Maria Zakharova.

"I would like to mention once again that the conflict in eastern Ukraine has no military solution, it was concluded by all those countries that care so much about civilians and, in principle, about the situation in Ukraine," she reminded.

As she pointed out, attempts to resolve the conflict by force will have unpredictable and tragic consequences.

"We call on the Western capitals that are pumping Ukraine with weapons, primarily Washington, Berlin and Paris, as participants in the Normandy format, to stop encouraging the militarization of the country and to use their influence to return Kiev to the path of lasting peace in Donbas by political and diplomatic means", Zakharova appealed.

According to her, Moscow does not rule out further degradation of the situation in Donbas due to Kiev's actions. "The Ukrainian army is knowingly violating additional measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime that were agreed in July 2020," the spokeswoman specified.

She also stated that Kiev intentionally worsens the already extremely difficult situation and ignores the requests of the representatives of Donbas in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination to guarantee the regime of silence.


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