Putin found a "scapegoat"

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) announced in its latest report that the Russian president has already found a "scapegoat".

Source: index.hr

As stated in the report, Russian military mobilization continues to face challenges and public indignation, so Putin will try to place Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu as main "scapegoat".

Putin told Russian outlets that because “the Ministry of Defense did not make timely changes to the legal framework on the list of those who are not subject to mobilization, adjustments have to be made.”

That direct critique of the Russian Ministry of Defense is also an implicit critique of Shoigu, whom Putin appears to be setting up to take the fall for the failures of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

"Kadyrov’s announcement that Putin awarded him the rank of Colonel-General is similarly indicative that Putin is willing to appease the siloviki base that has taken continued rhetorical swings at the MoD establishment", ISW reports.

"Putin will likely hold off on firing Shoigu for as long as he feels he can in order to continue to blame Shoigu for ongoing military failures and to build up support among other factions. Shoigu’s replacement will need to take responsibility for failures that occur after his tenure begins", ISW states in the report.

The report concludes that Ukraine’s northern Kharkiv counteroffensive has not yet culminated after one month of successful operations and is now advancing into western Luhansk region.


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